KIND HORN RAM B2H 416Z -[CAN]681288

2012 & 2013 Breeding Ram

Twin, DOB 4.23.12

Sire: Aries KTB 205X
Dam: Rastagirl KFM 117U

Moonshine is solidly built black-grey ram used two season on our farm. He is a twin out of a black-grey dam and a white sire. He carries the spotting gene. He has a nice mix of AI lines which include: 1/8 Blettur, 1/8 Laekur from the sire and 1/32 Bambi, 1/64 Noi, Hunn, Morro, Moli, and Peli from the dam for a total of 35% AI genetics. He produced many beautiful lambs, with a 100% settling rate.

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