AI Ram Hvitr KTB 805D 01H

2016 & 2017 Breeding Ram
Twin, DOB 4/15/16

A stocky young ram lamb out of Kind Horn Farm's AI ewe Gossi and the large and meaty AI ram Drifandi. Good conformation with muscular classically stocky build, ideal for grass fed operations. Confident, calm and friendly. Carries moorit and spotting. He is 85% AI genetics from: Drifandi, Dropi, Udi, Grimur, Flotti, Morro and Molur.


hr drifandi11895 Sire: Drifandi Drifandi 11-895 AI sire: Black and horned with very good looking head. Muscular shoulders, wide chest and very good rib shape. Very well muscled back. Broad and well muscled rump. Excellent leg muscling. Very good looking and muscular ram.
Wool quantity well above average and thick fleece. Little bit of grey hairs in the fleece. Curly, medium fine and even thog. Drifandi is a grandson of AI sires At and Grani.

Drifandi was bought for AI in 2012 after progeny testing at Hestur experimental farm resulting in very good eye muscle depth and shape as well as good dressing weight. His progenies have very good meat qualities, especially leanness as the sheep from Hestur is known for.

His daughters abilities are yet to be discovered but his indexes are promising concerning prolificacy and milking abilities.

 Gossi Dam: Gossi  



















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