Grass Fed Icelandic Lamb

100% Grassfed Icelandic Lamb

Our lamb is certified 100% grass fed and free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Our method of rotational grazing and the natural weaning of our lambs keeps our flock healthy and produces a wonderfully mild, tender and tasty product. Our lambs go to market at approximately 6-7 months of age and are sold USDA inspected to individuals who appreciate a higher quality lamb meat product that is locally & humanely raised. Our meat is 100% grassfed. Our customers also appreciate that when they purchase Icelandic lamb, they are sponsoring the continuance of a heritage breed animal, one of the oldest breeds in the world. We also on occassion have meat from slightly older animals, labeled "sheep", for which there is no price difference. We currently do not offer mutton.

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Prices are per pound. Once your order is submitted, we will contact you and can send you an invoice showing the total cost.

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2017-18 Retail Meat Prices: Click here for CSA Meat Shares Shares  

Leg of Lamb Roast (boneless) (SOLD OUT)
Leg of Lamb Roast (bone-in) (SOLD OUT)
Boneless Shoulder Roast (SOLD OUT)
Loin Roast (SOLD OUT)
Rack of Lamb (SOLD OUT)
Leg Steak/Chop (2 per Pkg) (SOLD OUT)
Loin Chops (2 per Pkg)
Rib Chops (2 per Pkg)
Shoulder Chops (2 per Pkg) (SOLD OUT)
Kabobs (SOLD OUT)
Stew Meat
Sausage (links, Sweet or Chorizo) (SOLD OUT)
Sausage (bulk, sweet) (SOLD OUT)
Lamb Bones
Kidneys (SOLD OUT)
Heart or Tongue (SOLD OUT)

Icelandic meat, produced from this heritage breed animal, is considered a gourmet meat.

"Icelandic lamb is the best I've ever tasted. It's very pure, non-fatty meat." ~ Robert Wiedmaier, chef-owner of Marcel's and Brasserie Beck in Washington DC in Food and Wine, March 2010

"Free-range, grass-fed Icelandic lamb is exceptionally fine-grained and mild tasting; it is prized by chefs..." ~ Sauveur Magazine, October 2009

 "The Icelandic lamb has soft texure and mild flavor, that fits well for all cooking methods." ~ Bjiarni Gunnar Kristinsson, Head Chef at Grillis Restaurant in Reykjavik, Gold medal winner at the Culinary Olymipcs in 2008