Forest Raised Pork

Forest Raised, Heritage Breed Tamworth Pigspork chops

We raise our pigs the old fashioned way: in communion with nature, in forest lots. Our heritage breed feeder pigs enjoy a varied diet of pasture and woodland goodies, organic garden vegetables, grains, apple drops and other fruits, and organic grass hay. Unlike many large commercial producers, we do not use antibiotics or the growth promoting drug Ractopomine, or any other drug or hormone. Our animals are raised humanely, rotated throughout the season in woodland lots, provided with roomy, protective shelters, and lots of love and care. We believe their general happiness in their surroundings and the love and care they receive translates to flavorful and delicious meats.

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2017-18 Retail Meat Prices:    Click here for CSA Meat Shares         

ITEM Price Per Pound
Hard Salami 3.5-4 oz package SOLD OUT!
Pork Sausage - Links (maple breakfast, mild, sweet It., hot It. kielbasa, garlic/red wine, bratwurst, chorizo) $11.00
Pork Sausage - Bulk (maple breakfast, mild breakfast)
Pork Sausage - Patties (breakfast)SOLD OUT! $9.50
Pork Sausage - Mini Links (breakfast)
Ground Pork SOLD OUT!
Pork Tenderloin SOLD OUT!
Picnic Shoulder Roast SOLD OUT!
Boston Butt Shoulder Roast SOLD OUT!
Pork Sirloin Cutlet SOLD OUT!
Bone-in Pork ChopsSOLD OUT! $11.00
Country Style Ribs SOLD OUT!
Baby Back Ribs SOLD OUT!
Spare Ribs SOLD OUT!
Ham Roast (Smoked & Cured) SOLD OUT!
Ham Steak (Smoked, Uncured - nitrate free) SOLD OUT!
Ham Steak (Smoked & Cured) $11.00
Sliced Bacon (Smoked, Uncured - nitrate free) SOLD OUT!
Sliced Bacon (Smoked & Cured) $13.00
Bacon Ends (Smoked & Cured or smoked, uncured - nitrate free)
Smoked Pork Hocks
Sliced Smoked Pork Jowls SOLD OUT!
Pigs Feet or Fresh Hocks $5.00
Pork Organs (liver, kidneys, heart, tongue) $5.00
Pork Bones (raw for soups or pets) $1.50
Leaf Lard
Pork Lard (back fat) $1.50