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Stark Hollow Farm sells register Icelandic sheep from our homestead farm in Vermont. All our animals for sale may be registered upon purchase. Animals are trained to electric fencing, including electric netting. Our flock, while not certified organic, is 100% grass fed. Our pastures are chemical, fertilizer and pesticide free as is the hay our animals consume during winter months. We do treat for parasites as needed and augment our parasite management program with the use of natural products such as organic garlic concentrate, organic north Atlantic kelp and other natural minerals.

When you purchase your animals from us, we will provide technical assistance if you are new to Icelandics and/or sheep, offering our best practices on parasite management, predator control, fencing, etc.

Sheep for Sale (updated 4/21/14)

We are currently taking deposits for 2014 lambs. We had over 40 lambs born on the farm this year from 3 spectacular unrelated rams, and so there are will be many to choose from. Below is a sampling of a few of the lambs born on the farm. We will be selecting those for sale as the lambs grow out and we can better understand conformation. We will also be selling some ewes with lambs by their side. Delivery of animals can occur as early as July and as late as September. Pricing will be determined within the next couple of weeks. Please contact us directly to arrange a deposit or to schedule a visit to the farm.

Price includes registration and transfer cost as well as technical support as needed. Please note, however, pricing does not include vet certificate. If you require a certificate, we will arrange for it at cost.

Preview of 2014 Lambs! Click on an image to see more details.

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Past breeding rams are shown below as are ewes that are no longer on our farm but may have registered offspring:


2011 & 2012 Breeding Ram
SOLD $650

Ursus is proven solid moorit ram from excellent genetics.  He is 1/4 Bambi, 1/8 Kari, 1/8 Rector, 1/16 Serkur for a total of 9/16 AI genetics. He is sturdy, well-built ram out of a moorit badgerface sire and a moorit ewe. He carries the spotting gene. Sire and dam both have a beautiful fleece, and very nice conformation. He has excellent horn conformation. His fall 2010 lamb fleece won Best of Show award at the VT Sheep and Wool Festival. He had a 100% settling rate for 2011 & 2012 and threw many beautiful lambs.


2008 & 2009 Breeding Ram
SOLD $600

White Ram (twin)
Born April 9, 2008
Stark Hollow Farm's current resident ram, is from the prestigious Knoll Farm flock. He has beautiful conformation, lovely fleece, and a gentle disposition. He is solid black with white patterning (visually, of course, he is white) and has thrown black, white, badgerface, & spotted lambs. He could carry gray. He is being sold to make way for a new bloodline. Some of his sons are shown below and some of his ewe lambs are shown here: Lambs 2010


Twin, DOB 4.8.09

2010 Breeding Ram

Ember is a proven ram out of a black badgerface sire and a white spotted ewe. He is a black mouflon with gorgeous, glossy award-winning fleece. He is high energy, with a beautiful topline, very tall, with a solid chest and neck. He is just an all around fine animal and has given us 75% mouflon patterning presenting in his lambs. He also has thrown badgerface, black-gray, white & spotted lambs. He has a 100% settling rate. His genetics come from SRX, Frelsi & Kimball. He will throw both polled and horned.


 Sold  $550 (Bred)

Born April 18, 2008
Pearl -, 2 is a ewe lamb out of Mara. Like her mother, Pearl has a strong personality, but in her own way -- she's demanding and driven for what she wants, but in sort of a sweet manner. She also loves to talk to humans, especially if there's a chance they have more food.


DOB 3.25.09   Twin

SOLD $550 (Bred)

Alba; 1, born of Örn & Poppy on our farm. She is a strong, friendly ewe with black fleece. She threw a beautiful spotted ram lamb her first season.


D.O.B. 4/13/11

SOLD $550 (Bred)

Cressa is a large, extremely vigorous, ewe lamb out of Darlene. She was up and milking with in minutes of birth. She got her father's great fleece and is a black mouflon who carries the moorit gene. She is tall and chunky. A beautiful girl.


Twin, DOB 5.3.04


Mara: 2, 2, 2, 1, 3, 1, - one of our foundation ewes, is a proven ewe with beautiful fleece. She is a vigilant ewe with strong mothering instincts and is a good milk producer.


Twin, DOB 3.23.10

SOLD $525

Blink: -,2 a tall, muscular ewe lamb out of Polly. She carries the spotting gene as evidenced by a "blaze" on her forehead, which was more evident as a lamb. She is 1/8 Tongue River AI. Sold to Edge and Katie at Applecheek Farm in Northern Vermont.


Twin, DOB 3.30.10

SOLD $525

Benna: -,2 a tall, feisty ewe lamb out of Darla. She is white lamb who carries the spotting gene as evidenced by a black spot on her leg. She has superb fleece and has filled beautifully. Sold to Edge & Katie, resident farmers at Applecheek farm in Northern Vermont. 


Single, DOB 4.20.07



Darleen: 1,2,1,2 is a moorit badgerface ewe who is soft of temperament and a hardy mother. Her sire is a moorit badgerface and her dam is a moorit. This year she threw two gorgeous lambs one solid moorit and one moorit badgeface.


Twin, DOB 3.26.11

$500, $900 w/blk mouflon ewe lamb

Cape: 1,2 is a tall, robust ewe out of Polly & Ember. She has the brightest, whitest, softest fleece. She carries the mouflon gene from her sire.


DOB 4.30.09

Sold $500

Maple: -,2,2,1 is a well built ewe out of Mocha & Orn. She is a sturdy black badger face and produces sturdy, solid breed stock.


Twin, DOB 4/4/12

sold with lamb $900


Dixie: 1, is a sweet solid moorit ewe out of Cream and Ursus. She is a friendly ewe with lots of potential. Her dam has some of our most gorgeous and soft fleece.


Twin, DOB 4/5/12

SOLD $500


Duxtir: 1, is a gorgeous moorit badger-face ewe out of Mocha and Ursus. She has excellent conformation and her fleece is absolutely gorgous. She may carry the spotting gene. Her dam is our milkiest ewe. 

"The Icelandic sheep is one of the world's oldest and purest breeds of sheep. Throughout its 1100 years of history, the Icelandic breed has been truly triple-purpose, treasured for its meat, fiber and milk."
~ Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America

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