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Icelandic Wool

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Icelandic Fleece & Roving for Sale
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Grey Fleece from "Ada"
Cream/Oatmeal Fleece from "Mocha"

Raw, un-skirted dual coated Icelandic fleeces from our recent fall shearing. Gorgeous deep blacks, browns (reddish to chocolate), cream, tan heathers, grey heathers, bright whites. Super long staple lengths, wonderfully soft thel. Adult fleeces and fabulous lamb fleeces $35 each plus applicable tax and/or shipping.

To see more colors and the animals the fleeces come from visit our Icelandic Sheep Page.

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Contact us at 802-434-3953 (farm), 802-734-0180 (cell).

Roving is Currently Sold Out!

Medium Brown Wool Roving


A gorgeous medium brown roving, tog and thel combined. This is pin drafted roving, exceptionally fine and uniform. 

$2.75/oz, 4 oz minimum SOLD OUT!

Silvery Gray Wool Roving


Extremely beautiful silvery gray roving, tog and thel combined. Extremely rich thel, very soft. Coloring is a pale gray heather.

$2.25/oz, also available pin drafted for $2.75/oz, 4 oz minimum SOLD OUT!

Reddish black, appears chocolatey

One of our reddish black sheep

This roving comes from several reddish black adult ewes. The appearance is a chocolaty brown.  Tog and thel combined.  Would be great for outerwear. Classic Icelandic feel.

$2.00/oz, 4 oz minimum SOLD OUT!

Bright White

One of our nice white sheep

Very soft, very white roving, tog and thel combined. Would be great for dyeing or as is.

$2.25/oz, 4 oz minimum SOLD OUT!

Creamy oatmeal color

Creamy moorit badgerface

A wonderful creamy oatmeal colored roving, tog and thel combined. Thel-rich, very soft.

$2.25/oz, 4 oz minimum SOLD OUT!

Black roving

One of our black sheep

Very black, beautiful roving.Tog & thel combined. Some silvery threads well blended throughout. 

$2.00/oz, 4 oz minimum SOLD OUT!

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Gorgeous Colors and Patterns

Icelandic fleeces come in a wide variety of colors and are prized by hand spinners. The 17 colors and patterns these beautiful animals come in include black, silvery black, blue to lavender greys, silvery grey, whites, tans, beige, champagne, moorit (the brown variations), including deep dark mahogany reds, rusty browns, strawberry blondes. The actual color genetics are a bit more complicated, but but these words give you an idea of what to expect from the Icelandic sheep breed.

Superb Fleece:

The Icelandic fleece is dual coated, with a fine, soft undercoat called thel and a longer, coarser outer coat called tog. The tog fiber, with a spinning count of 56-60 and a micron count of 27-30, grows to a length of 6-8" in six months. It is lustrous, strong, water- and wear-resistant, and sheds off the rain and weather. Thel is the soft downy undercoat, with a spinning count of 64-70 and a micron count of 19-22, growing to a length of 2-4". The thel provides the loft for the outer coat and insulation for the sheep. Tog grows from the primary hair follicles and the thel from the secondary follicles. Tog is a true wool, and is not a kemp or guard hair. The combination of the two fibers on the sheep gives superb protection from the cold and wet. Icelandic fleeces are open and low in lanolin. The weight loss when washed is significantly less than many other breeds

"The versatility of the wool, the ease of spinning and the wide variation of tones and colors are a true delight to handspinners, and put Icelandic wool into the exotic or premium category. It is also known as one of the best fleeces for felting, which is fast gaining popularity in the craft community."
~ ISBONA - Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America

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