Icelandic Lambs for sale at Stark Hollow Farm in Vermont!

2018 Season Update (3/1/18): Lambing season will be starting soon and we are expect some really beautiful animals out of our farm bred ram Godric and our AI Drifandi son, Hvtir.

You may make deposit to indicate your interest for this year which will put you in the que for choice animals. Once you have made deposite, please let us know of your priorities with the animals and we'll help put you select some excellent animals to suit your needs.


We have been breeding, raising and selling Icelandic breed stock for 10 years and we are now one of the large Icelandic sheep breeders in New England. We have focused on hardiness, including parasite resistance. We have a strong mineral supplementation program and our animals are selected based on their performance on a 100% grass fed diet, per Animal Welfare Approved standards and our 100% grass fed certification. We do not use grains or forage substitutes such as barley, corn, dried legumes, soy or other cereal crops. We've cultivated a couple of milkier lines, but our main focus has been on meat production. We also have several individual lines with very nice fleeces as well.

With a breeding flock of around 55 ewes, along with several great rams each year, we can put together a nice starter flock or find a ewe or ram to fill in a particular genetic need within your flock. We take pride in the quality of our animals and our commitment to ensuring you get off to a great start, offering extra support and mentoring if you are new to sheep.

The purchase price for our registered breeding stock includes*:

  • Pre-sale health care including hoof trimming, vaccinations appropriate to age leaving farm, Bo-Se (selenium & vitamin E) shot, and conventional de-worming upon request prior to leaving our farm.
  • Ear tagging and tattoo.
  • Registration paperwork from the Canadian Livestock Records Corp.
  • Receipt of sale for your records.
  • Mentoring and technical support as needed, especially valuable to new shepherds.

*Not included in the price is the cost of a veterinarian certificate. If you required one, i.e. transporting an animal over state lines requires a certificate, please let us know and we will arrange for it at cost. Please note that our Animal Welfare Approved certification requires a regular and on-going relationship with a veterinarian, including an annual flock health plan. So you can rest assured that your animals are in good health and will be free of communicable disease when they leave our farm.

A deposit of $100 per animal will hold that animal for you. If we disqualify your animal as breeding stock, you may choose another animal or we will refund your deposit.

You may pay for one or more animals via deposit. Please send us a separate email letting us know if there is something in particular you are interested in or are looking for, or if you would like to send in a deposit by check. We'll hold the animal until the check arrives. Or, pay animal deposit now with credit card via PayPal: