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Breeding Ewes & Rams




It is with a heavy heart that, due to personal issues (nothing life threatening!), we will be dispersing our beautiful flock of registered Icelandic sheep this year. As many of you know, we’ve been raising and breeding Icelandics for 12 years and have developed a hardy, parasite tolerant flock designed to excel in a 100% grass based system. We currently have 48 bred ewes (lambing starts in a couple of weeks) and 17 yearlings held over from last year. There will likely be a few culls as we’ll see how they all do through lambing over the next few months.

Because this is a flock dispersal, animals will be priced to sell as follows:

Price range for adult ewes is between $400-$550 with the spread being 6 ewes at $550 each, 4 ewes at $500 each, and 7 ewes at $450 each. These “top tier” ewes are our favorites in terms of prolificacy, milk/mothering, parasite hardiness and other traits. Then we’re offering 13 ewes at $425 each. These stunning ewes are all 2 years old, carefully selected for breeding and set to lamb for the first time this spring...this list may change based on performance. The remainder of 25 ewes will be offered at $400 each. This group are all excellent animals and are priced as they are because we really want to see them sell. Some are older and some are ewes we bred as one winter ewes who are still working towards their full potential. The bulk of them are our yearlings held over from last year who are unproven. The 2017 yearlings may be viewed here: Yearlings.

All animals have been priced as noted above, individually on the website. In addition to the dispersal pricing of these animals, we are offering a further discount for multiple purchases as follows:

Purchase 2 adults, receive 10% off purchase

Purchase 3 adults, receive 12% off purchase

Purchase 4 adults, receive 15% off purchase

Purchase 5 or more adults, receive 20% off purchase

You can add lambs by their mama’s side for $200 per ewe lamb and $150 per ram lamb. Otherwise lambs will be sold for $300 each. Discounts will apply to multiple purchases of $300 lambs (but not lambs by mama's side since those are already significantly discounted).

All animals will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Animals marked "RESERVED" means that they have been chosen and a deposit paid. The list may change, so keep an eye on it. This is an opportunity to bring in some new and excellent genetics for a very reasonable cost and we hope that folks will appreciate all the years of work that have gone into these animals.

The flock is currently certified Animal Welfare Approved and certified 100% grass fed by AGW (3rd party audit). All adults will have papers or be register by us. Transfer costs for currently registered animal and vet certs are the responsibility of the buyer. We will arrange vet certs for all out of state folks at cost. Our farm is disease free and we’ve never had any communicable disease in our flock or on our farm.

We will also have some fencing equipment and other machinery and equipment that we’ll inventory later this year and make available for sale.

We will be keeping approximately 6 ewes and our farm bred ram Godric just for our own pleasure and we hope to see many of our gorgeous animals move along to new homes. We have had many wonderful times with these animals. They have been well loved and, while this was a difficult decision for us to reach, we feel confident that we are aligned with spirit and that our decision will benefit both ourselves and others in the years to come. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions. Laura & V 802-734-0180.

Deposit is $100 per animal. Once you've made desposit, please email us to let us know which ones you are interested in. If you want to schedule a farm visit, please reach out to us to schedule that.