pigsTamworth Sow in Wooded AreaStark Hollow Farm raises a small herd of pure bred Tamworth pigs. We do not cross our animals with other breeds and instead seek to ensure the continuance of the breed while focusing on animal welfare rather than high production.   Pork Price List

The Tamworth originated in Ireland where they were known as "Irish Grazers", being given that name due to the fact that they were such wonderful foragers. About 1812 Sir Robert Peel, being impressed with the characteristic of these hogs imported some of them to his estate at Tamworth, England. It is from this place they derived their name. An English authority, who calls it the "Mahogany" or "Grizzly" pig, says it was extensively bred in several of the midland counties of England early in the nineteenth century. When the droves were mainly kept in the woods and forests. They are not a composite breed, and are thought by many to be one of the oldest and purest breeds in Britain. Source: Tamworth Swine Association

Currently, the Tamworth breed is listed as "Threatened" in the United States by The Livestock Conservancy and "Vulnerable" in the UK by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. With its more wild nature, the Tamworth is not suited for commercial production models which involve the inhumane treatment of pigs in small confined spaces, fed enormous amounts of genetically modified corn, and huge amounts of antibiotics and other chemicals. Because the commercial factory farming industry has no use for them, these beautiful animals would become extinct if it weren't for the commitment of small farmers to continue to breed and raise these animals.

Many folks will tell you they raise "heritage breeds", but if the animals they are raising are not true genetic breeds, in other words, pure-bred, then there is little support for the continuance of the breed. The Livestock Conservancy is working to codify the definition of "heritage breed" in each category of livestock.

Our meat pigs are raised the old fashioned way: in woodland lots and on pasture. We supplement their woodland and pasture foraging with grains, organic vegetable matter, organic whey products, organic apple drops, and organic hay.   Pork Price List

2014Piglets TrumpTamworth piglets at 4 weeks